What is lowDECOR?

lowDECOR is formed by a team of architects who want to make your life easier when it comes to decorating your home or other space at an affordable price..

In this website we change the style of your house . Just upload a photo of the room you want to decorate, choose the style and within a week you'll get your result.

We adapt to the item you upload, either one home, an office, a common area, a showcase or furniture, get whatever suit and you look like.

We want to make everyone live happily at home, and show that with little money you can have great changes on your space, as there is nothing better than being comfortable in your space.

We also assist with home staging which means getting the best out of a house for sale or rent through visual optimization. With this an acceleration of sale or rental of property furnishing and decorating it will be achieved initially empty or poorly furnished spaces.

Cómo funciona lowDECOR

How does it work?

Select the rate that best suits your needs.
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Fill out our form, upload a photo of the space you want to decorate and make payment for the way you prefer.
Your order is recorded in our system. In a few days you will have an answer in your email.